English Dictionaries – Privacy policy


Creating lesson plans and homeworks for students is not easy. It takes too much time that English teachers have to do it everyday. Hence, I created this extension to help teachers to do their jobs easier.

To those teachers who want to make use of Cambridge dictionary and Oxford for Advanced Leaners dictionary, this extension will inject a "Copy" button on every line of word’s definitions, examples and IPA. It helps teacher to copy them easily.

Privacy policy introduction

Using this extensions, users have to agree that they have to read and understand this privacy policy page. We have the right to change the contents of our policy everytime we find it neccessary.

What kind of data that we collect?

In current version, this extension is extremely simple. We do not collect any data from users.
In future release, we might want to force users to create their own account to use this extension with full features for sales and licensing reasons. That means users will have to share us some very basic information: name, email address and phone number.
That is in the future, the extension is still free. We will notify users when this extension is ready for a paid version.

How do we use users’s data?

We do not collect users’s data. So we can not do anything with them.

How we protect users’s data?

We do not collect users’s data. We do not earn money from this extension. However, we will try our best to protect users as we can and try to make our product better and better. If you found any bugs, issues, or vunerability, feel free to contact us via email [email protected]

Thank you for using our extension. We are happy that it is useful for you.